APP – ClipMenu

ClipMenu  –  A clipboard manager for Mac OS X,  And a Snippet tool!

ClipMenu can manage clipboard history. You will have saved many items and use that later. You can record 8 clipboard types, from plain text to image.  To paste a recorded item, you just pop up menu by invoking the shortcut key, and select a menu item from the menu.  You can also register texts you frequently use, like e-mail addresses, user IDs and so on, as snippets. You can paste these snippets from the menu, too.

FREE  —  Rated 4+

Unlimited clipboard history items:  You can adjust the number of clipboard history items freely, if you have sufficient memory in your Mac. The default value is 20.

Multiple clipboard types: ClipMenu can record clipboard history in the following clipboard types:  Plain text,  Rich Text Format (RTF), (RTFD), PDF, Filenames, URL, TIFF image,  PICT image

Show images in the menu: If you record image types to clipboard history, ClipMenu can show pieces of the images in the menu. The image’s width and height is adjustable.

Snippet: ClipMenu can manage re-usable text as snippet. You can select it from menu and paste it anytime.

Access with mouse: When you start ClipMenu, you can see the application icon in the Status bar. You can pull down a menu and select to paste clipboard history items or snippets.

Shortcut keys to pop up menus: You can also pop up menus to select clipboard history and text snippets by pressing particular key combinations. It’s very useful for users those who uses larger displays.

Tooltip: When your mouse hovers over a menu item for a second, ClipMenu pops up a tooltip to show full length of text in the clipboard history item. You can see it before pasting it.


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